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Tuition and cheated: Chongqing girl then canceled flights SMS   tuition is transferred to public opinion – Channel – times August 25th JINGWAH news, August 24th, Shanghai East China Normal University sophomore Xiaowen (a pseudonym) tickets after receiving fraudulent messages, each claiming to be the airline customer service, canceled flights to Xiaowen, do change can be obtained by compensation on the ATM, follow the prompts induced by small text. The small annual tuition was transferred out of 6100 yuan. Currently, the police investigation. Event: SMS fraud says ATM can change in August 24th, Chongqing girl Xiaowen told reporters that she is a sophomore at the East China Normal University in Shanghai. In July, she spent 800 yuan to buy the FM9462 flight from Chongqing, Wanzhou to Shanghai, at 11:30 on the morning of August 24th, via the third party platform on. 24, about 6 in the morning, she received a message from "+85266753430", for her book the flight has been cancelled due to mechanical failure, asked her to call the flight ticket change line contact. Xiaowen received SMS fraud. The parties for the text message has my name and the specific flight number, the information is very accurate, coupled with the urgency of time, I do not think." Small and then SMS phone contact 010-53815317. The other said he is Shanghai airlines customer service, and transfer the voice prompt, artificial customer reported the number and I confirmed the name, telephone, ID card and flight number, asked me to refund or change." Xiaowen chose to change. The other told her, can change to 12 noon, and suggested that she had only 2 remaining tickets, please quickly to the ATM machine for her. In that small bank card for commercial bank card, the customer also said the bank and Shanghai Airlines is the cooperation network, in the ATM page you can see the airline operation interface, customer service said from the ATM machine to print change payment slip. The slip to the airport counter to handle the change. Let me go to the bank and contact her again." Xiaowen rushed to the bank, the bank card is inserted after the airline did not see the so-called interface. She dialed the phone, the other explanation, because this feature just launched, only English interface to display, and asked her to choose English mode, "I suggest that the operation in accordance with the customer service, customer service after several input, let me lose change ticket ticket number." Little man said, she noticed that the actual position for the account type, but in other repeated urging, although her heart has doubts, but still recognized by the health. After the transaction, 6100 yuan card was transferred out of her. At this point, the customer service allows her to insert another card, and claimed a refund and 200 yuan of compensation will be returned to the card, customer service let me do the same as before, I think it is wrong to terminate the operation." Xiaowen said, she arrived at the airport after the discovery, originally planned to take the FM9462 flight was not canceled, she realized that he cheated, "was transferred out of 6100 yuan a year tuition is my." In August 24th, the alarm to Chengxiang County of Chongqing City, Wuxi small town police station third. Reporters from the local police相关的主题文章:

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