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Arts-and-Entertainment Like the sun and the moon, like the alteration of day and night, everything in Nature has been formed on a balance that keeps things within limits and not out of proportion. Similarly as a capitalist man makes money he is also seen as a philanthropist engaged in charitable giving. The concept of giving has been a subject that has put social scientists into dilemma. This characteristic of the humans in universally found in all the races on the planet earth. It is a behaviour that is reciprocated and integrates a society or societies at large. It is seen as a means of .munication and expressing a certain gesture. A gift’s role in society is tremendous to say the least. They can be seen as a medium of .munication. They encourage social exchange. This results in economic exchange too. And after all these they facilitate in socialization. There is a concept of "on" and "giri" in Japanese culture. Whereas "on" is benevolence "giri" is obligation. ON is a gift which is usually from one’s parents and teachers. It is not a favour for which any return is expected. Giri on the other hand refers to those obligations that were repayable with mathematical equivalence to the favour received. Gifts are concrete and build social relationships. Gifts reinforce positive behaviour. Whenever a person moves through life cycles gifts are given on different occasions. You may have passed certain examinations, you might have gotten a new job, even if you got married and are being blessed with children, and there is a gift for every occasion. One interesting fact is that in the olden days there were practices where women were sent across kingdoms as a gesture of goodwill. We see this example in Mulan 2 too, where the Chinese Emperor is sending his three daughters to the neighbouring kingdom to form an alliance. Saving that for spicing up the article but that fact is that nations today are involved in helping out their poor neighbours and countries with .mon interests without any expectation of return of the favour and that is an example of giving. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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