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You may receive a feedback saying your web application looks wonderful, nice UI with color .bination, templates, etc., very user friendly, and so on. So it seems ready to be used by the end user, but is it really .plete in all aspects including testing? Probably not yet! You should certainly go for Web Testing which is highly re.mended to have a bug free website or a web application. Web testing services include carrying out testing of web applications to ensure that it is functionally and technically accurate, reliable, scalability and perform well with the required user load. Web application testing involves testing both the client and server side .ponents. There are some essential criteria for web application testing that includes Validation (HTML, CSS, broken links), Flexibility (Window sizes, font sizes), Speed (Access the app/site via a modem, image size specifications), Accessibility (Test accessibility, text browser), Browser independence (Different browsers, Switch JavaScript, plug-ins and images off), and few other checks (Non-reliance on mailto, no orphan pages, sensible page titles, etc.). Here is a checklist for web application testing which are necessary to be verified, most of them are generally overlooked by large numbers of organizations: Functionality Testing oCheck all the links oTest forms in all pages oCookies testing oValidate your HTML/CSS oDatabase testing Usability testing oTest for navigation oContent checking oOther user information for user help Interface testing oCheck if all the interactions between these servers are executed properly oCheck what happens if user interrupts any transaction in-between .patibility testing oBrowser .patibility oOperating system .patibility oMobile browsing oPrinting options Performance testing oWeb Load Testing oWeb Stress Testing Security testing Web testing services thus verifies that the application is .plete and makes sure that all detected bugs are fixed, no new bug shall appear in near future and that application modules interact within each other flawlessly. In addition to web application, the exponential growth of mobile devices these days has generated a great demand for mobile device testing and even higher need for advanced functionality. Mobility is ubiquitous, and your customers ask for impeccable performance, no matter wherever and whenever they use. Mobile Device Testing as well as Mobile App Testing makes sure that your application is carefully tested for user experience, functionality, hardware requirements and adaptability. The overall success of a web application is thus dependent on all perspectives (including analysis, designing, development, testing usability etc.) having strong synergy with one another. 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