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WeChat red hair was the son of the father from the yiyanbuge drank pesticide – Beijing, WeChat group in the red grab a joy, but in the last week, the home of Mr. Jiang Dong District of Anhui is due to micro letter envelopes with the son of the dispute, angrily drank pesticide Dutch act nearly killed. Fortunately, the family sent to the hospital in a timely manner, Lee has been transferred from ICU to the general ward treatment. WeChat was the son of a father from the red envelopes to slam the door into the room of Mr. Lee is 45 years old this year, usually in addition to tobacco and alcohol addiction, or a hundred-percent mobile phone control, especially WeChat group love to grab a red envelope. In September 2nd 6 in the evening, dinner, Mr. Li to drink and chat with mobile phone WeChat, red envelopes are robbed of the fellow group, Mr. Lee while cheerfully rushing red, whispered: "how good 10 Fen technician, I sent you a big, I send a 500 piece of scared you……" Sitting next to his son Li heard, immediately grabbed his cell phone: Dad, sister is not easy to make money outside, you have to send less hair, hair, so much money, why not hair……" Mr. Lee rushed immediately after a foul mouthed glass fly into a rage, throw, and then slam the door into the room. "My father is usually very hot temper, can not afford to lose his temper curse, was also a few arguments with him, but also not seriously……" Xiao Li after dinner to accompany her mother Wang watching TV at home. The family found him lying in the hospital after the rescue of ICU directly into the evening 10 pm, Ms. Wang into the room to sleep, Mr. Li was found lying on the floor, the floor is covered in a room full of vomit, a pungent smell of pesticides. Ms. Wang he felt bad, scared legs trembling, quickly shouted to his son Mike, call 120 will be sent to Yinzhou people’s hospital. "Mr. Li just was sent to the emergency, Kamishi Naoshi, stop vomiting, gastric lavage and other treatment in the emergency, disorder of consciousness began to increase, slow respiratory frequency, oxygen saturation is more and more low…… Please give the anesthesia physician immediately after tracheal intubation ICU rescue." The people’s Hospital of Yinzhou ICU director An Minfei said the rescue efforts after a week, Mr. Li was out of danger, now has consciousness, is transferred to the ward to continue treatment. Got depression on the spur of the moment to drink pesticide An Minfei said that in history, Mr. Li was suffering from depression, but the family did not pay attention, has not been treated, it is the leading cause of Lee psychological vulnerability on the spur of the moment, plus the drunk after drinking pesticide, exacerbated by the absorption of the drug, leading to symptoms of poisoning. "To know that depression is so serious that would take him to hospital for treatment, doctors at the time when we say, we could not believe, because before I heard the depression are introverted, irritable temper so like my dad will be depressed?" Xiao Li is too late to regret Dad out of danger, transferred to the ward, he hurried to the hospital please psychological doctor for psychological treatment. Yinzhou people’s hospital every year to treat several cases of depression patients with suicide cases, most of them are due to green相关的主题文章:

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