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College-University The fashion industry is huge. It requires skilled and trained professionals to carry out different job responsibilities. For those interested in fashion and who want to work in this glamorous industry, would be glad to know that there are several other jobs available apart from fashion designing, which can be taken up in the industry. Fashion Merchandising is an essential function that propagates other process in creating fashion for people. It is great career option for those who want to explore others possibilities in the industry apart from fashion designing and still can remain connected in the best possible way with fashion. Fashion merchandising is an important job that needs to be performed with excellence and maximum accuracy. It requires one be knowledgeable of the needs of the customers. Merchandisers have to have a customer oriented approach towards all the functions they perform. Knowing their pulse and making their requirement accessible to them forms the crux of the job of fashion merchandising. In this field, you are required to create a great shopping experience for the customer experience. Fashion merchandisers aim at inspiring the customers and persuade them to buy the product through a skilfully done presentation. As a merchandiser you have to make fashion presentable to the prospective customers. Performing functions such as creating store displays is important as they draw attention of prospective customers, towards the product you intend to sell. An aesthetically displayed dress with matching accessories has a great visual impact and thus it has the feat to persuade the customer to buy it. Presentation is an important aspect which makes a dress more attractive and appealing to the eyes. To know what the customers want needs a thorough research and forecasting ability. You need to do your homework to be able to predict with maximum amount of accuracy the demand that is likely to splurge in the market. You have to research upon the past fashion trends and forecast fashion which customers will prefer. Apart from the creative ability, you should also have sharp business acumen. Fashion merchandising & buying requires to work within the allocated budget. It also requires engaging in fruitful negotiations with manufacturers too and .e out with the best possible price. They also provide feedback to designers as what should be created and sold in the market. To be a merchandiser, you should have sharp business fashion sense and business acumen in equal measure to carry out the responsibilities. Thus, fashion merchandising is a detailed task which requires knowledge, skills and abilities to carry out the job in a perfect manner. You can get training in this job profile in a professional fashion course. You can choose WLCI School of Fashion, which is one of the best fashion designing institutes in India, to get a rigorous training in Fashion Merchandising. It is one of the best fashion designing institutes in India which has a 100% placement record. Moreover, students are also provided on-the-job training near the .pletion of the programme. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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