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Why is Patty Hou by the netizen "forced change song" listing conference of those wonderful things although said this thing is the double eleven online shopping basically come to a halt on Friday, but the weekend "three" express little brother the serial killer call, and then the half month trip to eat soil — that the whole thing is still in fermentation. For example, I mention a name — Song Peicen — you can think this is a double eleven day party embarrassed. If you want more, could think of Tony Leung recently stalk. Why Patty Hou surname song, I was the background of the split line, of course, if you do not know, we first do a science. Two days before a double platform eleven party, Patty Hou presided over the name slips of the tongue misstatement Zhang Yixing "Song Yixing". If you can think of "be clever and sensible nature of a wave of Xing powder has been on the line, then Xiaobian also from the shopping cart honey temptation to see a really free, circle of friends has begun to express children’s concerns on this matter, the state is neither. Well, you are very clever but you have to admit, now the fans of "husband love" is not the superficial layer of representation, my Chinese textbook once wrote "parents son, the plan was far-reaching"; so you see the Xing powder is relatively restrained, basically in micro-blog is a large-scale alert, and there is no bloodshed and conflict. Of course, Taiwan female anchor Patty Hou although the scene of a slip of the tongue, but EQ is always online – micro-blog’s first space development table to apologize: "really should not be such a mistake once again to work hard again @ x apology, thank you do not mind, it in turn to comfort me, cherish your warmth Hello, Zhang Yixing, rod." Zhang Yixing then also promptly reply, no matter the sister". But the next day, a part of the entertainment anchor Hou still is wearing the "song pecen" brand, once again apologized for his mistake: "I think, to change the song!" So far, the whole thing ended up comedy. Said the past few years on the digital circle conference + star model has been the mainstream of fry volume play, but often in the river walk, energy-saving is not what big problem. Such as: Chairman of the conference, president out of the water to imitate Song Joong Ki hanging wire hanging down in the conference site, this really is a flawed feel anxious. Today, we’re going to do a gossip. We feel the water texture 1. At the beginning of this year, vivo new conference, the brand founder, President and chief executive officer Shen Wei came up when he entered the stage in the pool, the basic body is imminent, and in order to process is to adhere to the basic activities before the end of back to back. Not to host He Jiong direct rescue water is made, the picture may be more embarrassing. Blow and blow my pride 2. In the same year, the ivvi brand has light flashes in the sun "to imitate Song Joong Ki descendants" inside the scene to dress up link, hanging Avia trapeze posture. But the weather in hover above the ground in the middle of the stage, one of the high distance, wire in the card)相关的主题文章:

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