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Xi’an before the end of the transformation of 172 pay 80% of the cost of the old elevator government in September 19th, Xi’an City three noes old residential elevator renovation project launch ceremony in Beilin District the first project contract signing ceremony was held, marking the delivery of Xi’an city in December 31, 2005 before the 172 non residential special maintenance funds and property management, no (Department) maintenance maintenance unit of the "three noes" old residential elevator renovation will be before the end of the year. The cost of 80% of the cost of the government to pay the old elevator renovation is the core of the problem did not overhaul the fund, renovation costs borne by the municipal finance 80%, 20% by the owners of imputation, previous work is very difficult, now need to implement projects that benefit, the owners also need the cooperation and support." Xi’an Municipal Bureau of quality supervision special equipment safety supervision department director Li Ming said. In April this year, the general office of the Xi’an municipal government formulated the "Xi’an city" to update the old residential elevator renovation three "work plan", defined by the lift property collection 20% funds, Xi’an municipal government and county government (Development Zone) were given 40% one-time subsidies by the county government (Development Zone) organization the implementation of the renovation of the "three noes" of the old elevator, to eliminate safety hazards. The time limit before the end of 172 elevator renovation in the update ceremony yesterday’s "three noes" transformation of the old elevator, located in Beilin District Peace Garden, Century Square, Qin Pu building, Golf Garden District and Cuiting mansion 5 projects, a total of 20 elevator scene of the renovation contract, the lift contract cost 4 million 307 thousand and 300 yuan. Government subsidies 3 million 455 thousand and 520 yuan. According to Zhao Shenglong, vice mayor of Beilin District introduction, the 20 old elevator has been running for more than and 10 years, some time may be longer, have been overwhelmed, security is worrying, 11 projects are in the process of evaluation for subsequent beilinou procedures, involving 33 elevator will also have been signed, in order to update. With the renewal of elevator renovation 5 projects Beilin District 20 three noes old residential renovation work contract, other districts transformation is also in an orderly way, update the task according to the county "three" elevator renovation of old residential, Beilin District 98, Yanta District 62, New District 4, Lianhu District 3, after opening District 2, Weiyang District, Baqiao District, Huxian 1, Xi’an 172. It is reported that, in accordance with the "three noes" of old residential elevator renovation project, the county to complete the renovation before the end of 2016. After the transformation required to ensure the elevator can stand the test of "" three without "lift, lift is defined as property management, no special maintenance funds, no maintenance, this elevator in Xi’an although only 172, accounting for Xi’an, more than 6 in the elevator for a very small proportion, but because they are put into use, long life the high incidence of failure and hazards prominent, much concern in society." Xi’an Municipal Bureau of quality supervision, said Jing Liugang, for each of the transformation of the elevator, to carry out strict inspection and acceptance, so that Taiwan qualified相关的主题文章:

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