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Ya’an can play? To explore the panda home — Baoxing – Sohu tourism Baoxing, really is a legendary place here is the world’s first giant panda was found here are the old village here and Jiarong Zang mountain of leaves and colorful forest here is the long march of the Red Army left the tracks and climbed the first big snow mountain here can enjoy the beautiful sea of clouds and the sunrise. This is Ya’an Baoxing. On the trip: D1: Chengdu – Ya’an – Lushan – Baoxing –‘s accommodation: D2:’s?? Shenmu barrier — Dawagengzha scenic accommodation: the D3: Dawagengzha camping — barren? — Deng Chigou — Panda city accommodation: Baoxing County D4: dongla Mountain Grand Canyon — Lushan — Ya’an — Chengdu on the road: after the earthquake, Ya’an’s roads are generally good, from Chengdu until the bad roads are good?. Only the top Dawagengzha now has a section of the road is under repair, so a little difficult to walk a bit, but are not very long, has been close to the top of the mountain, so does not affect what. The opening ceremony of the seventh session of the village site Baoxing cultural tourism festival. The second day in Ya’an, tourism festival opening ceremony in the soil? Tibetan grand held, but the weather is a little fog. The local villagers came to the scene wearing their own national costumes. I most love the man or the head of the fox cap, with the wind too. The program is very exciting, are from the Tibetan nationality program. The villagers came to the annual event. Bad? Tibetan village is next to the famous scenic spot of God mori. You can walk there. Ticket information: Season: (4 ~ November): 60 yuan season (December ~ March) 40 yuan to drive into the area to pay parking fees: Cart: 20 car: 10 Shenmu base area is quite large, if serious play is a day to play down, but if you only play a few main attractions, in addition to wucaiche, shenxianchi there on foot line, basically can go to the drive. There are scenic spots in private cabins can provide accommodation for this season is the most beautiful season from god. The mountain is covered with leaves have red transparent flowers, but also scattered in several Mongolia package. Shenmu barrier is towering old trees, there are plateau meadow, forest landscape are well preserved, the new construction of the tourist road and bridge, relaxing walk in the fresh air Tianranyangba, Tibetan sheep, horses and even pigs in hillside meadow leisurely grazing, let a person feel as to the land of idyllic beauty. The scenic area, and Tibetan yak shredded beef sold here. I tasted it. It tasted pretty good. In the forest, just under the rain. Small mushrooms can not help but come out. The top of the mountain, thick fog leads to poor sight, only to see many for unknown reason into a piece of broken trees, leaving the green grass on a desktop stump, as to the sky Zhang)相关的主题文章:

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