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[Zhangjiajie] met food, met King – Sohu eat and drink first days 2016-11-05 wrote in front: Although Hunan, but I have never been to Zhangjiajie. Impression, is a lot of friends said that Zhangjiajie has a very beautiful natural scenery, has a very simple scenery. But let me have some small regret is the traffic, after all, Zhangjiajie is a tourist area, if there is a train, high-speed rail traffic will be more convenient. I took my mother with me on this trip, I set out from Xiamen, she started from Shaoyang, and then we went back to Shaoyang from Zhangjiajie. The choice of the train, relatively more frustrating. Departure: Xiamen – Zhangjiajie – XiaMen North Railway Station Changsha South Railway Station, Changsha South Railway Station, Changsha Railway Station (EMU) (bus) to Changsha Railway Station Zhangjiajie Railway Station (train) return: due to her mother back home, so return to Shaoyang. The Zhangjiajie Railway Station LouDi Railway Station, LouDi Railway Station, ShaoYang Railway Station, Changsha Railway Station is also can go transit, but taking into account the two time is not appropriate, so I chose to go to Loudi. Activity schedule: day1: at 11:30 noon to Zhangjiajie Railway Station, 12:00 by the Zhangjiajie Biguiyuan Phoenix Hotel sent to the hotel. Note: in the online booking of hotel guests can enjoy a single station or delivery service station (Er Xuanyi). After an hour’s drive to the hotel to check in, take a little rest in the room and then go to the hotel’s Kangle center. 18:00 go to B1 building in Phoenix Chinese restaurant for dinner. After dinner went to the theater to watch the show. Day2: 8:30 in the morning to enjoy breakfast buffet. 10:00 in the morning to go to the national Forest Park in Zhangjiajie, played a yuan home. Around 15:00 in the afternoon in the scenic area near lunch, eat Zhangjiajie cuisine three pot. (a + lunch dinner) and 21:00 in Zhangjiajie Biguiyuan Phoenix Hotel Restaurant ordered a wonton noodle soup for supper. Day3: 12:00 the time to check out the old city this afternoon, tasting the time-honored bear hat, as well as Zhangjiajie special snack Cold Noodles with Sesame Sauce. The 19:00 train, in front of the train station eighteen Yong city to buy some special snack. Zhangjiajie Biguiyuan Phoenix Hotel is located in Zhangjiajie Biguiyuan Phoenix Hotel, Zhangjiajie Railway Station or urban areas have direct access to the cmb. Country Garden Phoenix Hotel in China and Malaysia to have 60 high star hotel, it is said that the recent expansion of Hunan. I stay in double room is very big, but also the most comfortable sofa to let me love is bright balcony, greet is garden villas. This room, the price is more affordable, less than 500 yuan a night. Zhangjiajie Phoenix Hotel two bed very comfortable Zhangjiajie Biguiyuan Phoenix son相关的主题文章:

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